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Imagine being able to see all your information from a single vantage point ...

WombatTechnology's WombatLegal Early Case Assessment platform provides legal professionals with dynamic Near Duplicates, Email Threading, Auto Categorization in a single platform.

:: http://www.wombatlegal.com/

WombatTechnology's WombatView Enterprise Search Offering is being used across all levels of Government to provide an extensive and scalable means of finding and accessing information from across the organisation.

:: Local Government: Councils are using WombatView to deliver immediate access [with security] across Property System, Document & Records Management Systems, Content Management Systems, Lotus Notes Applications, e-mail, rates systems and call centre systems.

WombatView allows any user to gain a unified view of all accessible information quickly and simply via a single interface, maximising the use of all corporate data.

:: State Government: Departments are using the WombatView offering to deliver immediate value on Knowledge Management initiatives. IT personnel find it useful that the WombatView offering does not impact the desktop software environment as users access the tool via a web browser, rendering the solution immediately deployable.

:: Federal Government: The ability to drop an appliance server into a Federal Government organsiation can provide significant benefits in a speedy delivery of such an effective tool. Outsourced IT departments can still gain the benefits of such an effective tool as WombatView without the significant overhead of support and maintenance being carried by the outsourcer - deployment can be quicker than tradition software dropped installations.

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